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韦恩·高斯Launches Aniversary Brush Set


Just in time for the holidays, beauty vlogger Wayne Goss has launched a limited edition 8-brush anniversary set for $225 at Beautylish. What’s the anniversary of? His first breakthrough brush set, of course! That set, which brought a more Japanese makeup brush style to the mainstream, went like gangbusters. This also Japanese-made brushes include an […]Read more…

10Best of the Best – Makeup Brush Sets


What is the very best makeup brush set on the market? To be honest, answering that question depends a bit on your budget. The most expensive brush set on this Best of the Best list is $650, with the most affordable full set coming in at $8.55 on eBay. And there are several brush collections […]Read more…

今天的合成化妆刷 - 并非全部创建


今天的合成化妆刷不是您奶奶坚硬的尼龙刷毛。因此,如果您只知道“ Taklon”这个名字,那么该扩展您的美容词汇了。当今的现代合成纤维,例如Tafre和Natrafil,除了液体和乳霜外,还提供了出色的粉末化妆品“拾音器和收益”。几十年来,传统的智慧[…]Read more…

Think Twice About That Colorful Makeup Brush Hair


People StyleWatch在其三月杂志的“最佳美容购买”部分中,以低廉的价格从Aéropostale中提供了一套漂亮的化妆刷,四刷刷子的低价为9美元!什么交易,对吗?嗯,也许是 - 但是,再一次,也许不是。集合中的刷子风格(三只眼刷[…]Read more…

What is the *Very* Best Brush for Applying Mineral Makeup?


矿物质 - 矿物质的微小颗粒(例如氧化铁或滑石粉)已被磨碎,铣削或微塑料 - 已成为市场上最受欢迎的基础类型之一,其卖家为皮肤宣扬了许多好处。但是,那些十几岁的粒子的饰面对[…]有很大的作用。Read more…

Competition Brings New Innovations in Makeup Brushes


We talked with TaikiUSA President/CEO Jim Perry about the growing problem makeup brush makers face with animal hair, as well as new antimicrobial technologies and the competitive, global business of makeup brushes. While there are hundreds of companies that make cosmetic brushes around the world, there are only about five major players that supply quality […]Read more…